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FLS Trainer Box with TV Camera

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Working closely with the SAGES-ACS FLS committee, we have revolutionized the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery TM Trainer System and are the trusted supplier of FLS.

Our updated series of laparoscopic training products are endorsed and exclusively designed for the FLS Program. You’ll get the exact same training box that candidates take their final exam on. 

The Trainer Box is designed to aid students, surgical residents, obstetrics and gynecology residents, and practicing surgeons, in acquiring and maintaining the fundamental skills required for laparoscopic surgery. 

As standard, the unit is fitted with: a TV camera, a light source that provides evenly distributed light across the surgical field, and a skin frame ready to use with the included trocars. 

You’ll be able to carry out a range of tasks designed to enhance laparoscopic skills with the other products included, such as: a Suture Block, Penrose Drains, Single and Double Circle Gauze, Trocars, and a Pegboard with 6 Triangles. 

This laparoscopic surgery trainer box is easily portable, allowing for convenient placement with your AV equipment. 


What is Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS)? 

The FLS Program gives residents and trainees the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery. The controllable and consistent set up gives the opportunity to test cognitive, surgical decision-making, and technical skills. 

Is the FLS Trainer Box portable for ease of use in a training center? 

Yes, the FLS simulator box is approximately 6kg in weight and can be easily positioned for use with your existing audio-visual equipment. 

If you require a more permanent, but still portable solution, the Limbs & Things FLS Trainer System (50304) and FLS All-In-One Trainer System (50306) both come with a 19” Television Screen and a Mobile Sim Cart. 

Does this laparoscopic simulator help learn the manual skills needed for the FLS exam? 

Absolutely. The exam itself covers skills such as: hand-eye coordination, dexterity, instrument control and efficiency. With the FLS Trainer, you will be able to set up scenarios to practice these skills under exam style conditions where you would be marked on time precision. 



  • Exclusively designed and endorsed for the FLS Program 
  • Includes a TV Camera allowing for easy configuration with AV equipment via an RCA video cable, and clear visuals of the training area 
  • Designed to let in ambient light, and is fitted with an LED lighting strip for an evenly distributed light over the surgical field
  • Supplied with over a 100-pieces of manual skills products designed to develop necessary laparoscopic surgical skills 


  • Designed to replicate the surgical field for training of laparoscopic procedures 


  • Portable unit for ease of set-up 
  • Other Limbs & Things products can be used in conjunction with the laparoscopic surgery trainer box, including variable slope jigs, and other laparoscopic products such as the appendix. (Please note: the FLS Trainer Box isn’t specifically designed to work with these products) 


  • FCC: This product has been tested and is in conformity with FCC CFR47 Part 15:107 & 15:109 Class B limits
  • CE: This product has been tested and is in conformity with ISO IEC 17050-1:2010

Skills Gained

  • Fundamental psycho-motor skills 
  • Use of laparoscopic instruments 
  • Knot tying and precision cutting
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  • 50 x Penrose Drains

    50 x Penrose Drains

  • 25 x Double Circle Gauze

    25 x Double Circle Gauze

  • 3 x Foam Organs

    3 x Foam Organs

  • 25 x Single Circle Gauze

    25 x Single Circle Gauze

  • Simulated skin

    Simulated skin

  • Light strip

    Light strip

  • TV Camera

    TV Camera

  • Trainer Box

    Trainer Box