FLS Trainer Box Top Recall

Posted: 06-06-2016

Please note that this recall has now ended. Customers can now purchase the new box top separately if required.

Limbs & Things, Inc., with the support of SAGES, has initiated a voluntary recall program for the FLS Trainer Box Top. It has been reported to us that instruments and suture needles have become magnetized due to the strength of the magnets positioned to secure the skin frame. We believe that this has the potential to negatively affect the learning objectives of FLS, especially when used for FLS Certification Testing.

Despite thorough and rigorous product design, testing, and approval processes, these first generation Limbs & Things FLS box tops are no longer approved for FLS Certification Testing.

As soon as this issue was reported, our team of design and production professionals have worked diligently to understand and address the problem. It is in conjunction with SAGES that Limbs & Things will provide, free of charge, a replacement box top to all customers who have purchased one or more of the following items:

50302 – FLS Trainer Box with TV Camera
50304 – FLS Trainer System
50306 – FLS All-In-One Trainer System

Our records indicate that your organization has purchased one or more of these products and therefore is eligible to participate in the recall program.

To initiate the recall protocol, please contact Limbs & Things Customer Service prior to September 6th, 2016. Please have a few minutes available when you call so that we may explain the recall program to you and answer any questions. In the meantime, please place the enclosed stickers on your FLS box to caution users about the potential for magnetization of instruments and suture needles.

Limbs & Things, Inc. Customer Service Department
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8am – 5pm EST
Toll Free Telephone: (866) 465-4627

Limbs & Things is dedicated to providing medical simulation and training products of exceptional quality and value. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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