Product No. 50302

FLS Trainer Box with TV Camera

$1,199.00 Price does not include taxes or delivery

Working closely with the SAGES-ACS FLS committee, we have revolutionized the FLS trainer system. This trainer is one of a series of laparoscopic training products exclusively designed and endorsed for the FLS Program. The systems come complete with a training box and TV camera alongside a range of tasks designed to develop the skills necessary to perform the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery.

This product is economical and portable, making it ideal for training centres.

NB: users must provide their own TV screen.

For further information on the FLS training system visit www.fls-products.com

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  • 50 x Penrose Drains

    50 x Penrose Drains

  • 25 x Double Circle Gauze

    25 x Double Circle Gauze

  • 3 x Foam Organs

    3 x Foam Organs

  • 25 x Single Circle Gauze

    25 x Single Circle Gauze

  • Simulated skin

    Simulated skin

  • Light strip

    Light strip

  • TV Camera

    TV Camera

  • Trainer Box

    Trainer Box